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Herr Fikret Musa

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From the beginning of 2007 the company “Eurochrom” EOOD is an official representative of the largest manufacturer of “HAITIAN” injection molding machines (automatics). Worldwide “HAITIAN” is preferred partner in the manufacturing of plastics. As an international company “HAITIAN” attends in all major world markets, as well as industries related to manufacturing of plastic products. “HAITIAN” which is established in 1966 on the area of 2 000 000 square metres is located in production base of the company. The company employs about 4500 employees. The company is certified according to European standards. It is produced about 38 000- 40 000 injection molding machines annually. For this purpose, we are pleased to offer an extremely wide range of machines with closing power of 60 tons to 5000 tons. With very good financial conditions, fast delivery and good maintenance.

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